The institute is governed by Board of management appointed by the Regional Superior, Consolata Missionaries with specific duties defined by state law. The board of management establishes policies for the college, approves the college’s budget each year and serve as advocates for the college.

Operations Manager

Br. John Gachoki

Hello and a very warm welcome to Sagana Technical Training Institute. I am delighted that you are considering coming to study with us and believe that if you do you’ll agree that you’ve made a very good decision. A great deal of work has gone into creating the institute you see today and we are now an officially outstanding provider of a wide range of courses from everyone, from school leavers (primary & secondary) to those looking for a return to education and professionals wishing to develop their skills. We also offer professional world   class products and services from our income generating production units. We combine tradition with innovation and complement outstanding teaching and learning with the very best facilities in beautiful settings to offer what is, I believe, one of the best environments to study you’ll find anywhere. Everything we do here is with our students in mind and so the safe, supportive environment we have carefully nurtured is geared around helping you achieve your goals and making the best investment possible in your future. I’m proud to be part of such a progressive place and I hope you’ll join us on our continuing journey so that we can all grow and realize our potential together.

God bless & see you soon

Br. John Gachoki


Osoro Albert

Sagana Technical offers a career-focused approach to education, enabling graduates to transition into different careers. The journey to create Sagana Technical has been long and challenging. Many people have made a significant contribution to the process and therefore it is truly a collaborative enterprise. Our students are provided with rich and varied learning experiences to cater for different learning needs and rates of learning. They are also actively involved and take responsibility for their learning. It is undoubtedly one of the best in Kirinyaga County.

Osoro Albert The Principal

Dean of Students

Mr. Moffat Mithibe


The Dean of Students Office is the principal resource for the interpretation and regulation of students discipline, and their social welfare. Students associations are one of the primary means by which students can relate meaningfully to the institution. By providing liaison with and support to student groups/clubs and their governing bodies, the Dean of students encourages

students in the conduct of their own collective affairs, and facilitates the growth of student associations and the active involvement in them by students, nurture leadership skills and conflict resolution.

Mr. Moffat Mithibe


Dean of Academics/ILO

Mr. Simon Muriithi


The office of Dean is the institute registrar and implements academic policy.
The Institute has an admission policy in which applications are received on continuous basis. We make every attempt to respond to all applications immediately we receive them. High school leavers are encouraged to apply immediately results are out. We have admissions in January, May and September each calendar for all courses.



The Industrial Liason Officer (ILO) is responsible for the development of active partnership with local and international organisations and linking students and staff to industry for training, research and consultancy.  The department has a long tradition of successful relations with industry, industrial placements and student sponsorship.



Mr. Simon Muriithi