About us

Sagana technical institute is owned and managed by the consolata missionaries as part of their charisma of human promotion.

The institute is in Kirinyaga county, at the outskirts of Sagana town, along Sagana-Embu road next to Sagana police station. The Institute was started in 1970, initially as a vocational school, to equip young men with technical skills to be self-reliant and to uplift their living standards. It was later transformed into a technical secondary school. The institute is registered under the ministry of higher education, science and technology of Kenya under Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) registration number 671 in the schedule of accredited institutions by TVETA.

With the change of education system in Kenya, the institute underwent a transition and became a technical training institute and admitted students for artisan courses such as masonry, carpentry and joinery, craft programs, such as, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, motor vehicle mechanics and printing technology which were introduced in 1990. The Institute introduced diploma courses in the year 2007 as as it diversified its training programs. It has continually registered good results in the Kenya national examinations. This is attributed to good discipline and the endeavour to nurture better persons and morally upright future technicians, engineers, managers etc who are strongly founded on christian values.

Sagana Technical Training Institute is widely recognized as one of the top middle level colleges in Kenya. We have continually worked hard to build a good reputation and offer wide range of market tailored courses in a beautiful rural environment that incorporates excellent facilities. It is this combination that makes us unique and when coupled with our commitment to innovation in teaching, learning, assessment and focused student support, then everyone who joins us, is on route to success and has an awesome experience.

Our commitment to offering market tailored courses, quality services and a conducive learning environment has lead us to invest a lot of money in the recent years , in world-class facilities to enable our students to learn and grow into competent professionals with a lot of ease. With leisure, social and sporting facilities to match, everything is in place for one to join us and have an awesome learning experience.


To be a centre of excellence for vocational education, training and provision of quality training programmes, aimed at promoting human dignity and moral values.


To be the leading technical training institute in the provision of quality technical, vocational and entrepreneurial education and skills.


Sala, Elimu na Kazi: Prayer, Education and Work

 Core Values

Sagana Technical Training Institute has structured its operations, training and educational programs around the following  Core Values: 

Accountability: Accountability is essential for an environment of learning. Those who are accountable stand by their words and actions, taking full responsibility for what they create and for what they contribute to the community.

Respect: Respect is a requirement for enhancing learning. Community members who respect themselves and others help create a safe, yet open, climate of learning.

Responsibility: Responsibility is the root of success. Students who assume personal responsibility for their education will reach their goals. Responsible students also make contributions to their communities.

Critical thinking: Critical thinking is the fundamental purpose of higher education. The ability to solve problems through the application of the appropriate skills is critical to all disciplines.

Communication: Communication is increasingly the key competency for living and working in the information age. Communicating effectively in oral and written forms through traditional and new media is a powerful tool for personal and career success.

Collaboration:Collaboration, by bringing together individual knowledge and talents, creates teams that are greater than the sum of their parts. Such teamwork maximizes benefits to individuals and the surrounding community.